Technology, innovative solutions and growth opportunities: the main themes of the 2024 edition of H&T

H&T, Innovation Summit for the Hospitality Industry, will be held from 5 to 7 February 2024 at FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga). The event will bring together leading companies in the hospitality, hotel and tourism industries, providing a professional environment for networking and access to the latest technologies for professionals and companies

This annual event will facilitate direct contact with high-potential international markets, as well as consolidate the presence of participating companies in a professional environment that promotes their growth in more competitive, digital and sustainable areas

H&T, Innovation Summit for the Hospitality Industry, one of the biggest events in the HORECA and tourism industries in Spain, will hold its next event on 5, 6 and 7 February 2024 at FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga). It will bring together companies supplying equipment, services and products for the hospitality, hotel, and tourism industries.

The sixteenth edition of the summit is once again the ideal professional environment to establish valuable contacts in the sector, learn about the latest technologies in the hospitality, hotel and tourism industries and access real opportunities that help businesses to be more competitive, digital and sustainable.

H&T will have three main halls, continuing its commitment to the specialisation of exhibition spaces and giving greater visibility to organisations dedicated to providing equipment and services. Industry professionals will have access to a comprehensive and diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment and services from manufacturers and distributors from all over Spain and other countries such as Portugal, England, Italy, and France.

H&T annually brings together representatives of expansion, development and customer experience from restaurants, hotels, and other companies in the industry. The aim of the summit is to find new tools to become more competitive, sustainable and innovative, making it the best professional showcase for innovative technologies, advances and solutions within the industry.

Activity programme

H&T will host a wide and varied programme of content with a common theme of innovation, technology, and sustainability in the various activity spaces. There will be thematic panels and conferences, like the one to be given by the well-known chefs Javier and Sergio Torres, ‘The Torres Brothers,’ as well as presentations on cuisine, equipment trends, new management models, and the latest keys to business growth and development. Additionally, there will be national sectoral forums, meetings, and employers’ assemblies, among other activities.

The event will also host other activities such as tasting demonstrations, workshops and international trade missions to make up a full agenda that attracts professionals with great buying potential every year. The Kitchen Lab will also be organised with exclusive workshops and training sessions with leading chefs, including Cristóbal Muñoz, Chacinero, Iolanda Bustos and Sergio Bastard, among others.

The fifth annual ‘H&T Awards’ are scheduled to take place, which will recognise leading companies and pioneers in the field of innovation and sustainability within the hospitality and tourism industry. The seventh annual ‘H&T Best Wines Award’ will also take place.

This event is organised by FYCMA (Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga), part of Malaga City Council. European Funds: Ministry of Finance. Regional Government of Andalusia.

Its institutional promoters are the City Promotion and Investment Attraction Department and the Tourism Department of Malaga City Council, as well as the Malaga Provincial Council through Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol and the promotional brand ‘Sabor a Malaga’. The Association of Beach Business Owners of the Province of Malaga – Costa del Sol (Aeplayas), the Association of Hoteliers of Malaga (Mahos) and the Association of Hotel Owners of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) are participating as sectoral promoters.